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Never a fan of team sports, I did gymnastics until high school and then started diving. I dove for Dartmouth until my senior year and joined an Egyptian parkour team when I moved to Cairo in 2011. One day, training on a playground outside the city, I flipped off an eight-foot ledge, over-rotated, and broke my neck. After 75 days in a plastic brace, I took my doctor's advice and retired from parkour, though I still fool around from time to time. As a grad student at the University of Iowa, I was lucky enough to be selected for Season 7 of "American Ninja Warrior," and I currently practice yoga, play squash and tennis, and do CrossFit. 


Sports Analytics Could Revolutionize Tennis

If used correctly, statistics could not only make the sport safer and easier to coach, but also push it into a new era, where mental fortitude is considered just as important as physical ability. Read more at ESPN.

Rolling Stone_ ANW.jpg

How I Conquered 'American Ninja Warrior'

I didn't think my first attempt on the Monkey Pegs or the Rotating Log or the Double Salmon Ladder would be during the competition. Read more at Rolling Stone

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Everything I Learned at a Naked Workout Class

It's only after touching my entire, uncovered body to the ground that I consider how dirty the floor is. Read more at Vice.