My first magazine feature was writing about the Freedom of Information Act for Longreads. Then and now, it amazes me that you can ask the government for something, and they (kinda) have to give it to you (if you sink enough time and energy into pursuing it). Since then, I’ve served as a poll worker in NYC, become a dual citizen with Italy, and passed the Notary Public exam.

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My Journey to the Heart of the FOIA Request

Fifty years ago, the Freedom of Information Act gave the public access to government secrets — all you had to do was ask. How a simple request became a bureaucratic nightmare. Read more at Longreads

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Australia Wrestles With Saving the Great Barrier Reef 

With billions of tourism dollars at stake, many refuse to believe or simply ignore that the massive natural wonder is being killed by climate change. Read more at Bloomberg.

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Could Two People Use Real-Time Translation to Fall in Love?

New earbuds from Waverly Tech claim to translate conversations as they are happening—so someone speaking English could seamlessly flirt with a stranger talking in French. Read more at The Atlantic.