In 2008, I voted for the first time, in the New Hampshire primary, and ever since I've been fascinated by civic duty, the voting process, and government bureaucracies. I became a dual citizen with Italy in 2014, have been a poll worker in NYC for the past two presidential elections, and observed the Stein recount in Pennsylvania in 2016. I'm also a Notary Public, a FOIA fan boy, and a reluctant advocate of the Electoral College. 

My Journey to the Heart of the FOIA Request

Fifty years ago, the Freedom of Information Act gave the public access to government secrets — all you had to do was ask. How a simple request became a bureaucratic nightmare. Read more at Longreads

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How Jill Stein’s Failed Recounts Succeeded — And Why That’s Troubling

I know that nothing will change the outcome, but isn’t the assurance of election integrity as important as the results? Read more at the Huffington Post


Could Two People Use Real-Time Translation to Fall in Love?

What may be considered machine translation’s failure is ultimately a human triumph. Read more at The Atlantic