I started CrossFit in May of 2016 at CrossFit Virtuosity and, like most newbies, I was immediately humbled. I'd never touched a kettlebell or done an Olympic lift but expected to pick them up quickly (I didn't), and though I'd been deadlifting for four years, the coach dismantled my technique on the first day. During the first few months, I fell off the Concept 2 while rowing, hit myself in the groin during cleans, and puked after doing seven minutes of burpees. Slowly, though, I started making progress. My crowning achievement is doing a pistol squat on top of a kettlebell with a barbell overhead, and I have three goals for the next year: 

Unassisted handstand for 60 seconds.

Snatch my bodyweight: 175 pounds.

Diane (Rx) in under 5:30. 

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